Tips for healthy eating at cafes

Tips for healthy eating at cafes
Tips for healthy eating at cafes

There are times when eating out is for pure enjoyment and anything goes. There are also times when you need to keep up healthy eating on the run to fuel your body.

I’ve previously written about how I eat to maximise health and wellbeing. Most of the time, it’s easiest when you can cook for yourself. However, I often find myself in the following situation: just finished training in the morning, quickly showered at the gym and need to eat something on my way to a meeting or job. Navigating menus to find healthy options can be difficult at times. But there are a couple of things that help me ensure my meal is as nourishing as possible.

Build your own meal with sides

Many cafes serving eggs as a breakfast item also offer sides such as avocado, mushrooms, greens, tomato and smoked salmon. The sides are usually pretty clean and simple so you know exactly what you’re getting. Ordering a selection of sides is my go-to choice when I want to maximise nutrients.

I will often order two poached eggs, avocado and mushrooms or smoked salmon, greens and tomato. That way I’m getting a serve of protein along with some vegetables and good fats. If there is some decent quality bread available, such as a sourdough or grainy variety, I will also get a couple of slices if I need more carbs after longer training sessions.

Choose savoury over sweet

As much as the pancakes, açai bowl or granola can be tempting, I personally find that sweet breakfasts leave me feeling hungry again shortly after. Going for savoury options that include a protein and plenty of vegetables usually provide more nutrients and keep you feeling satisfied for longer. When I’m eating for enjoyment, however, I simply don’t care and can’t resist pancakes with all the trimmings.

When all else fails, I usually keep healthy snacks with me in my bag. Raw nuts are handy or I make my own protein bars and balls. You can find all of my recipes for snacks, meals and desserts right here on the blog if you’d like to try them out.


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