Pre workout coffee: good or bad

Pre workout coffee
Pre workout coffee

If there is one thing that I need before training, it’s a black pre workout coffee. I’ve been doing it for years and honestly feel like it helps me go that little bit harder. There are varying views on coffee consumption, with many people cutting it out during detoxes. But as a pre workout tool, I find it beneficial.

As a stimulant, coffee does put some strain on your system. If you’ve ever had one too many and ended up shaky or spaced out, you will know this is true. But before exercise, I find its metabolism boosting and concentration enhancing effects improve my performance. It’s also a lot cheaper than manufactured pre workout supplements, which can include a bunch of unwanted artificial ingredients.

Iced black coffee

For best results, I go for a black coffee pre workout. Adding sugar isn’t really necessary. When I first started drinking coffee I did add sugar, but managed to wean myself off this over time. I also prefer not to add any milk as don’t want it rolling around in my stomach during training.

If you struggle with the bitterness of black coffee, you could try having it iced. I find that the coldness can distract your taste buds from the bitter flavour. The ice also gives it an additional awakening boost. In Australia, you can order an iced long black at most cafes, or in America, an iced Americano. If you’re making it at home, just fill a large cup with lots of ice and then pour your hot brewed coffee over the top. That should cool it down quickly and you can top it up with more ice if required.

Take a break from coffee now and then

Every month or so, I try to have a couple of days without coffee or caffeine. This is to make sure I don’t become too reliant on it. If I get a bad headache on the first day going without, I know my body needs a little break. The added benefit of taking a break is that when you start drinking it again, you’ll enjoy its full effects once again.


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